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4 Exceptional Content Ideas that Work on Instagram

Have you run out of ideas to post on Instagram? Do you need to improve your content marketing? Today I bring you 4 exceptional content ideas that work very well on Instagram. If you prefer more personalized ideas for your specific business, you can contact for an individualized marketing consultancy.

  1. Motivational content

Motivation is what changes our lives. Being motivated makes you feel happy with your life: you move, you act and results come.

Posting motivational content helps change the lives of your followers. They have an authentic experience with you.

How to motivate them? You can launch weekly challenges. There is nothing that motivates us more than a challenge with other people. You can do the challenge of the week to wake up at 5 in the morning to make the most of the day, or be productive before work.

Another challenge may be reading articles about your sector 30 minutes a day and then sharing it in the comments of the publication.

If you dedicate yourself to fitness you can put the challenge of 10,000 steps a day to your followers. They will be comforted to share that they have met the challenge.

  • Educational content

An educated customer comes back for more. If you educate and train your Instagram followers, they will not want to leave your profile.
Create tutorials solving doubts of your clients and followers. Ask what doubts they have to be right.

Use the Instagram story highlights and Instagram survey stickers and questionnaires to find out your questions. You don’t know how much information you can get out of there.

The tutorials can be in the form of infographics, photos or even videos. Try which format works best and has more interactions.

You can also create educational content for your products. How do they work? Are we not aware of any hidden functions?

Depending on the product you could educate how to use it during the day, at night or at a special event. For example, in clothing, makeup or hair shops.

  • Content with studies

Expert studies or specialized agencies give your Instagram content a very professional touch. Not only professional but it is also a symptom of being up to date. Join the specialized media in your sector to know all the studies they publish.

Put them in doubt, confirm their results according to your experience. Not all studies are well conducted or only take into account a part of the population. Once you trust that study, publish it in an original way. It can be an infographic with your corporate colors or a video explaining it along with your opinion.

For example, if you dedicate yourself to digital marketing, you could publish how many users each social network has.

If you dedicate yourself to the beauty sector, you can publish studies on the colors of the year or trends. The same with your business or sector.

4- Inspiring content

Inspiring someone is one of the best feelings you can have. Those who are inspired never forget it. Inspire with your Instagram posts. You can do it with the typical famous phrase that causes so many controversies. You can post videos on Instagram from your PC.

The phrases on Instagram are hated by a part of the users but they really work very well in terms of results. In addition to being an easy content to prepare.

You can post phrases from other personalities but it better has to do with your sector. His would be that you were encouraging to publish your own phrases, yes, that really inspire.

If you still do not have that some inspiring phrase, nothing happens to publish those of other references. The important thing is to leave a mark. If you dare, you can create a video with an inspiring message for your followers. Here you would add the message that inspires your image and voice the most. It would be the perfect content to inspire.

By Trendyinfo

This is Bhupati Barman. I am a Writer, Blogger, and Digital Marketer. I have expertise in writing on health and technology-related topics, digital marketing especially Search Engine Optimization. I love nature, humans, music, and technology.
As a human rights activist, I want to work for deprived people by establishing equal rights and humanity.

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